Benefits of Vitamin C

You just have to love the ever-changing weather that comes with spring.  One week the sun is shining bright without a cloud in the sky; the next the rain is pouring down ruining your car’s fresh wash.  One thing many of us can count on during this Jekyll and Hyde weather pattern is getting sick.  So if any of you are like we are at GoFit Nutrition, I’ll bet you are reaching for the Emergen-C and Airborne.  Vitamin C is essential in boosting our immune systems and avoiding the change of season illness.  Because Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, whatever is not used by the body is eliminated, so we need a continuous supply of this vitamin through our food and drink.  Check out this link for an awesome nutrient chart of foods ranked as the highest quality sources of Vitamin C.  Stay Healthy out there GoFit Team!